About us

PRIME Transport Sp. z o.o. has been operating on the European logistic market as a supplier of specialist transport services in the broadly understood supply chain. 


The mission of the company is to provide customers with the highest standards of services, using modern and environmentally-friendly vehicle fleet, advanced IT and telematic systems, as well as individually tailored solutions aimed at effective execution of all kinds of transport tasks.

Long-lasting experience in the transport industry and the modern vehicle fleet allow for offering personalised services for a wide range of customers. We focus on providing flexible logistic solutions that guarantee satisfaction and meet the expectations of our customers.

Our main purpose is to ensure that the interests of every customer are addressed and that the customer is satisfied. The main priority of our organisation is safety and punctuality of deliveries of the entrusted cargo, as well as effective use of the possessed resources, with particular focus on principles and standards of environmental protection.